Cell Groups

We have a number of Mandarin and Cantonese cell groups for different age groups such as Seniors, Adults, Families, Young Workers, Students and Women Fellowship.


Purpose: To provide a place of fellowship for seniors where they can learn to spread the gospel and have spiritual growth.senior cell

Who: Aged 40 years above or retired persons, or others without the need to go to work on Wednesday mornings.

When: Wednesdays 10:30 am, every second, fourth and fifth week of the month.

Where: GracePoint church.

Details: Exercise sessions (such as Taichi and Chinese traditional exercise), Icebreaking games, worship, Bible study, sharing and prayer, tasty lunch, dessert and fruit.

Other Activities: Short holiday trips, picnic at the park, buffets, birthday parties, special talks, festival celebrations, thanksgiving events and visiting aged care facilities.

Seniors CG 4


Purpose: To worship God and share our faith together, to use our lives to impact each other and to live a life of fellowship in Christ.adult cell 1

Who: People or couples without the need to take care of their children.

When and Where: Different cell groups meet on different days and venues. Please contact church office for details.

Details: Bible study, praying for each other and sharing.

Other activities: Lunch and dinner, short trips, celebrating festivals and outreach.

Adult CG 2


Purpose: To enable parents and their children to worship God together and share their faith with each other, fostering a Christ-oriented fellowship.

Who: Families with children

Groups: High school & primary school group (Every 2nd & 4th SAT 7:30pm) and kindergarten/infants group (Every 2nd & 4th SAT 4:30pm).

Details: Dinner, worship, prayer, Bible study (split in parents group and children group), child care facilities.

Other activities: Holiday activities, picnics.

Young Workers

Purpose: To enable young workers to encourage and support each other in their work lives, and to love God and His Son through studying God’s word.

Who: Young workers (couples and singles)

When: Cantonese – Saturday evenings every fortnight;  Mandarin – every Sunday 2:15pm

Where: Different cell groups meet on different days and venues. Please contact church office for details.

Details: Dinner, worship, prayers, Bible study, sharing.


Who: University students and young graduates

When: Cantonese – Sundays 2:30pm; Mandarin – Fridays 7:30pm

Where GracePoint church

Details: Games, worship, Bible study, prayers, outings.

student cell 2

Women Fellowship

Who: Women of all ages

When: First Saturday of the month

Where: GracePoint church

Cell Groups