Learning Centre


Ministry Objective: To train and develop Christians to become mature disciples

Motto: To be an inspiring Christian from growth to maturity


Subjects: Training programs are split in to four groups

A. Core:

  1. Exploring Christianity
  2. Christianity Basics for Young Believers
  3. Baptism Class
  4. Change of Membership Class


B. Growth:

  1. Christian Theology and Doctrines
  2. Seeking God’s Will
  3. Four Gospels
  4. Devotion and Meditation
  5. Spiritual Growth
  6. Retreat Camp


C. Theology:  

  1. Living out God’s word
  2. Old Testament Survey
  3. New Testament Survey
  4. Biblical Theology and Doctrines
  5. Soteriology in Romans


D. Ministry:

  1. Bible Study Skills
  2. Cell Group Leader Training
  3. EE Training
  4. Discipleship Skills
  5. Caring Skills
  6. Sunday Service Ministries Training
  7. Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts


Timeline: Two terms per year


Registration: Return completed registration form to office in person or via email



Learning Centre